Bellefontaine Grace Institute

The Bellefontaine Grace mission is to Learn it, Live it and Give it. The “It” is the Gospel as revealed in the Bible. This mission is the pathway of developing as a disciple of Christ Jesus. Beginning with "Learn it" the goal is to continue on to live out the truths of the Gospel in our homes and communities and then to give out the gospel in serving and sharing the Gospel truths with others, resulting in greater worship of God.

We are giving you the opportunity to increase the Learn it in your life by offering five Bible study classes beginning in mid-February. 

Classes will be offered on 3 levels:

  1. Level 100 for introductory and foundational classes
  2. Level 200 for intermediate classes
  3. Level 300 for advanced classes

Each class will meet weekly for 8 weeks with the audio recorded for those unable to attend. We are planning to utilize an online group application that will allow interaction between the class and instructor both group-wide and privately. Meeting times are yet to be determined and child care will be made available as needed. There will be a small cost for study materials that will be covered if you are unable to afford the cost. There will also be assignments, such as reading, to prepare for each class that will increase the long term benefits of the class. See the 5 winter quarter class listings below. 

Welcome to BGI


  • Level 100 – 30 Days to Understanding the Bible

    Gain “a foundational grasp of the most important book ever written” by taking the class, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.  This is a class that will help you learn the Bible’s basic structure, timeline and message.  This class will use the Max Anders book “30 Days to Understanding the Bible:  Unlock the Scriptures in 15 Minutes a Day” as a guide. This is a class that is inviting to someone new to studying the Bible as well as a good refresher for someone more familiar with it.  You will be introduced to the major people, places and events found in the Bible.  You will discover the overall message of the Scripture as you learn about the ten Great Subjects of the Bible.  A small amount of daily reading will be necessary as well as taking self-tests throughout the text as helpful reviews.  The instructor for this class is Daniel O’Kane.

  • Level 200 – Faith That Works

    If the goal of “learn it” is to “live it”, the New Testament letter of James is a fast track.  Perhaps the oldest book of the New Testament, James shares the battles faced by first century Christians.  These battles are very much like the struggles we still face today.  Faith That Works will explore this great New Testament letter.  Using the text “Faith That Works – Studies in the Epistle of James” by Homer Kent, Jr. as a guide, we will explore practical solutions to facing trials and temptations, bigotry and racism, false faith vs. genuine faith, careful use of our tongue, living wisely in enemy territory and wisely handling money. Join this class to gain a better understanding of the letter of James but more importantly, to be guided to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.  Ethan Bunce is the instructor for this class.

  • Level 200 – Defining the “It”

    The “It” in our mission statement Learn it, Live it, Give it is the Gospel. There is widespread confusion in Christianity today about the definition of the Gospel.  So much depends on our understanding the Biblical Gospel with clarity.  Defining the “It” is a class that will explore the accurate understanding of the Gospel in each of its aspects.  We will be using the text “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert as a guide in this study.  We will examine the starting point for thinking about the gospel, the predicament requiring the gospel, the Divine solution in the gospel and the center of the gospel.  In the course of this study we will encounter the following great doctrines of the Bible:  theology, Christology, anthropology, hamartiology and soteriology.  Steve Davis is the instructor for this class.

  • Level 200 – Defending the Faith: An Intro to Apologetics

    Are science, philosophy and reason the enemies of the Christian faith?  Is faith just a blind leap into darkness without any supporting evidence?  Perhaps you know what you believe but maybe can’t articulate why you believe?  Defending the Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics is a class that will help address these questions and more as we will look at some of the evidence for why we believe.  We will be using the text “I Don’t have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek as a guide. Diving into topics such as absolute truth, creative design, the origins of morality, the reality of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible will enable you to defend Christianity as a logical and reasonable faith.  Mastering the content of this course will help you to obey Peter’s instruction in 1 Peter 3:15, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  You can go from “learn it” to “give it” with the lessons from this class.  The instructor for this class is Chris Smucker.

  • Level 300 – EnLighten: Course 1 – God’s Word: Bibliology

    This class is intended as the first in a series of 9 courses to focus clearly on the core beliefs of the Bible.  Course 1 will cover the introductory subject of why we should study theology and the first core belief, God’s Word – Bibliology.  We will be using the text “Biblical Doctrine” by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue as a guide.  These authors have labelled themselves as biblicists.  “While not a perfect term, we have chosen biblicists, because at the core of our convictions lies an unshakable trust in God’s inerrant and infallible Bible, rightly interpreted.” [page 26]  We agree with the  goal of this text as described on page 27.  “All theologies should begin with biblical content arranged systematically that then leads to Christians being motivated to live holy lives of obedience to God’s Word for the glory of God.”  Course 1 will focus on the Scripture as God’s special revelation of Himself and as the authority and source of all Christian truth.  Completion of reading assignments and memorization of select passages of Scripture will be expected.  As a Level 300 course, an acquaintance with the overall structure of the Bible and familiarity with basic doctrinal terminology is a prerequisite to gain the most benefit from this class.  Applicants will be asked to complete a basic Bible knowledge questionnaire.  The instructor for this class is Scott Anderson.

Answers to PROFICIENCY test

Level 100 Bible Knowledge Self Evaluation

Biblical content covered in “30 Days to Understanding the Bible”


True or False

  •  Old Testament prophecies are only about the nation of Israel.           False
  •   Psalms is a book of praise for public worship.         True       
  • The three categories of Old Testament books are History, Legends and Prophecy.     False
  • The three categories of New Testament books are History, Paul’s letters and General letters.                             True      
  • Jerusalem, Antioch and Rome are New Testament cities                                                         True      
  • Acts is a New Testament book of History                                                                          True  


Fill in the blanks

  • The four Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • The majority of the Old Testament is about God’s dealings with the nation of ­Israel.
  • The Old Testament is made up of thirty-nine books.
  • The New Testament is made up of twenty-seven books.
  • There are sixty-six books in the entire Bible.


Multiple choice

  • The account of Samson in found in what Bible book?      Judges 
  • The entire land of the Old Testament is approximately the size of which area? Texas       
  • Daniel was a prophet for which of the following?   The Babylonian captivity


Place the following major Old Testament events in chronological order [place a number 1-6 after each event; 1 being the first in order of time]

  • The Babylonian captivity                                  6
  • Creation of the World                                       1
  • David crowned king of Israel                           5
  • Mankind falls into sin                                       2
  • Abram chosen to be blessed by God              3
  • The Law given at Mount Sinai                         4 


Matching – Old Testament Patriarchs

  • Abraham                C                                 a.  father of the nation of Israel
  • Isaac                         D                                 b.  Leader in Egypt
  • Jacob                       A                                 c.  father of the Hebrew people
  • Joseph                     B                                 d.  second father of promise




Matching – Israel’s national history

  • United Kingdom      B                         a.  unrighteous kingdom
  • Divided Kingdom      D                        b.  new monarchy
  • Northern Kingdom   A                        c.  inconsistent kingdom
  • Southern Kingdom   C                        d.  a civil war




Matching – Distinctions to consider in studying New Testament Epistles

  • The Nature of Epistles                D                       a.  Letters to individuals and pastors
  • Pauline Epistles to churches      B                   b.  Letters to local churches
  • Pauline Epistles to individuals   A                                   c.  Letters to the Christian public
  • General Epistles                           C                         d.  Doctrine, then duty



Matching – 10 Great Doctrines of the Bible

  • Salvation               H                                 a.  The origin and nature of the Scriptures
  • Christ                       C                                 b.  The first person of the Trinity
  • Future Things      J                                  c.  The second person of the Trinity
  • God                           B                                 d.  The third person of the Trinity
  • The Bible                A                                 e.  The spirit world
  • Sin                             I                                   f.  Organized believers
  • Angels                      E                                  g.  The origin, nature and destiny of humanity
  • Man                          G                                 h.  The afterlife, heaven, hell
  • Church                    F                                  i.  Man’s offense against God
  • Holy Spirit            D                                 j.  Biblical prophecy



Level 300 Bible Knowledge Self Evaluation

Biblical content covered in "Enlighten" Click here for answers